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Building or renovating a house is one of the most important decisions an adult must make. It is a complex but rewarding process.

The key to home renovations is to find the best professionals. Does your house need paint touch-ups, electrical work or help from an interior designer? Are you thinking about building your first home? Fill out this form and tell us what you need and where. Professionals and renovation companies in your area will be notified and you will receive up to 4 FREE estimates in your mailbox.

Find trusted professionals in your area
Painters, carpenters, home renovations, construction, moving and more…

How to save up to 25% on renovations

The first thing that comes to mind is: How to save on my renovation? Is it possible to save on renovations? The answer is yes, you can! The best thing we can do to save on construction or home renovation work is to compare budgets. Yes, studies claim that by comparing quotes from professionals and companies you can save up to 25% on any type of work. That’s why we recommend you to try our quote service, it’s completely FREE and without obligation.

Ideas and projects to improve your home

If there is something that in EstiloyDeco we have been doing for more than ten years is to share ideas for decorating and renovating the home. So without further ado, here are some ideas and projects to inspire you…

Integral reforms

If you are thinking of making several changes in your home, here you will find inspiration for integral reforms. Another key to save money is to make a complete reform (or as big as possible). This will always be cheaper than doing small renovations separately.