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Gift Wrapping Tricks for People Who Hate Wrapping

Ah Christmas. There are so many things I enjoy about you, the food (aka the cookies – wink), the music, and the movies. But my very favorite thing is the wrapping of the gifts. I just love burying myself in cardboard boxes, wrapping paper, and ribbon and getting creative!

I know that to some of you that sounds completely absurd, and if that’s what you’re thinking, then this post is for you!

And since not everyone shares my enthusiasm when it comes to wrapping, I’ve put together a super simple list of gift wrapping tricks for people who hate wrapping!

Holiday gift wrapping can be a stressful event, especially if you hate wrapping, but it doesn’t have to be. With a little planning and organization before you get started, you’ll be able to not only bust out the wrapping of the gifts, but maybe even enjoy it a little!

Here are some great tips and tricks for wrapping presents:

  • COLORS | Choose coordinating wrapping paper and ribbon ahead of time. Long before it’s time to wrap, pick out the paper, tags, and ribbon. And guess what, it doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal. Choose two rolls paper that coordinate and some ribbon. That’s it. And if you’re feeling overwhelmed already, just buy brown paper and some twine. Nothing more.
  • SUPPLIES | Round up (or purchase) all of your supplies, wrapping paper, scissors, Scotch tape, double-sided tape, ribbon, tags, and a pen or a Sharpie marker. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than getting started and running out of tape or having everything ready to and not being able to find the scissors or an ink pen. Double-sided tape is magic when you have a ton of presents too, just FYI.
  • BOXES | To ensure the wrapping process goes quickly, box up your gifts before you begin. Line each box with tissue paper and place the gift inside. Then using a sticky note, jot down the initials of the recipient and place it on the outside of the box. You could also put the gifts in piles by recipient, but please be careful doing it this way, we’ve had a few surprises on Christmas morning after I tagged a gift the wrong person using the “make a pile” method.  Consider yourself warned – it can turn into a mess real fast. Maybe you should just use a sticky note…

  • LOCATION | Find a large hard surface to wrap on. Any counter or table will do, just stay off the floor – you’ll be stiff and hunched over before you know it and you’ll never, ever want to wrap again. Sit in a chair with a back if possible, you’ll thank me tomorrow.
  • TRASH | Think ahead and be ready for trash. Have a trashcan handy or at the very least a garbage bag open and ready. It makes cleanup a breeze when you can chuck the scraps as you’re cruising along. This will help you not hate wrapping…as much.
  • WRAPPING  | No stressing out over perfection here. The goal is to get the paper on the present. And if you’re interested in learning to wrap, check out this video, it’s how I wrap my gifts.

  • ACCESSORIES | Ribbon, bows, and extras will complete your presents and detract from any imperfections (yes, we all have them and it’s fine!). This is where you can add some of your own style, be creative. I usually tie some twine or a piece of ribbon around the boxes and then add a small sprig of (plastic) greenery on a few of them because my style is minimalistic.
  • TAGS | Don’t forget to tag each present. I usually stick the tag on the bottom, but if you purchased cute tags that match your paper, you can attach it under the bow. If you wrapped in plain brown, consider using a Sharpie marker to write on the front of the gifts, it’s any easy and cute way to personalize your gifts.

That’s all there is to it; it’s not so bad is it? Your gifts will be wrapped, looking coordinated and intentional, and hopefully your back won’t even be sore! Now grab my FREE Holiday Gift List Printable and let’s do this!

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