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DIY Christmas Centerpiece {Make It For About $25}

DIY Christmas Centerpiece

In today’s post: Learn how to put together this pretty DIY Christmas centerpiece using stacked baskets from the thrift store. It can easily be transformed for other seasons!

Hi there! Back in September I put together an inexpensive version of a pricey stacked basket centerpiece I had seen online. I estimated that the original probably would have cost about $150, and after scouring a couple of thrift stores I was able to create a similar piece for only $25. (Check it out here: DIY Fall Centerpiece)

Because the centerpiece was full of greenery and pinecones, I figured it would transition well to Christmas. Here’s what it looks like now:

Because I already had to base of the centerpiece made, it took less than 10 minutes to swap out the fall accents for Christmas ones! I removed the mini pumpkins and wheat stalks and added some flocked greenery and red berry accents. I also swapped out the candle for a white one.

Here’s a comparison so you can see the difference between the fall and winter versions:

Christmas Centerpiece Supplies

These are the supplies I used for my Christmas centerpiece, as well as a cost breakdown. (Since I already had the Fall centerpiece constructed, I actually only spent $6 this time around to swap it from a Fall version to a Christmas one. But the costs below give you an idea of what I spent in total.)

3 baskets (one each small, medium, and large) from the thrift store: $3

Floral foam, 7 bricks from the Dollar Store: $7

3 different kinds of faux greenery from the thrift store (I used strands of ivy leaves, Christmas pine branches, and one bunch of grassy looking stuff): $5

Pinecones and walnuts gathered from my neighbor’s yard: $0

Pillar Candle to sit on top from Walmart: $4

6 Christmas floral picks from Jo-Ann which were on sale: $6

I also used a few items that I had around the house that I did not include in the cost: wood skewers and hot glue

Total: about $25 plus tax

As I mentioned in the original centerpiece postyour cost will vary. If you are trying to keep costs down, you may need to hit more than one thrift store to round up everything you need or ask friends if they have old baskets you can use. However, if you are more flexible on cost you could probably get all the supplies for this centerpiece at Hobby Lobby, Jo-Ann, or Michael’s. Remember to look for 3 baskets that vary in size that are all made from the same material; however, they don’t need to all be the same shape. Mine are square, round, and rectangle (from the bottom up), and the largest basket is about 11×11 inches. Additionally, try to gather 3 different types of greenery (such as leaves, branches, and grass) to provide good texture.


Fill each basket to about an inch below the edge with floral foam, cutting the blocks of floral foam to fit. If you are using a tall candle in the top basket, leave space in the floral foam so the candle sits inside it.

Place an extra piece of floral foam on top of the foam already in the two larger baskets, so that when the baskets are stacked they will be lifted slightly from the basket below. Place the medium basket on top of the large basket, and push skewers down through the foam and both baskets to secure them together.

Break off any skewers that are visible, then place the smallest basket on top of the medium basket. Again, push skewers down through the foam to secure all three baskets together. Use enough so that it feels sturdy – I used 6 total. Break off any skewers that are visible.

Wind strands of ivy around each basket, securing by poking it into the floral foam (or use hot glue).

DIY Christmas Centerpiece

Add pine branches and other greenery (such as grasses), working to mostly cover the floral foam.

DIY Christmas Centerpiece

Next, add pine cones. Break off the top 4-6 inches of a skewer and wire or glue to each pinecone. Then poke the skewer into the floral foam to attach the pine cones. Use pine cones to cover any floral foam that is still visible.

DIY Christmas Centerpiece

This completes the basic centerpiece. You can glue in anything that doesn’t seem very secure at this point.

DIY Christmas Centerpiece

To customize for Christmas, add in Christmas floral picks or other winter accents. These accents can be swapped out to customize your centerpiece for other seasons.

DIY Christmas Centerpiece