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The Benefits of Comfort Flooring with Cork: When Nature Moves In

The benefits of comfort flooring with cork: Cork is obtained from the bark of the cork oak, a slow-growing tree in the Mediterranean region that lives an average of 200 years. The valuable property of the cork oak is that it regenerates itself. After each peeling, the bark grows back. Therefore, no tree is cut down or permanently damaged for the cork harvest. In addition, a peeled cork tree binds more CO2 than an unpeeled tree.

Combining the benefits of laminate with the special properties of cork, EGGER Comfort flooring is made up of two layers of cork that provide warmth and special comfort when walking, coming from sustainable forestry.

Sound absorbing, heat-insulating, elastic. The cork comfort layer on top audibly reduces room noise. Cork has the structure of a honeycomb and has an incredible number of cells that are filled with air. On average, 1 cubic centimeter of cork contains about 36 million cells.

This makes cork perhaps the most natural sound absorber in the world: the air in the cells swallows up the sound in the room.

Compared to laminate, Comfort Flooring reduces room noise by up to 43%. An integrated cork mat at the bottom of the product further reduces impact sound. Here too, the air pockets in the cork ensure a sound insulation effect in adjacent rooms.

The difference compared to other floors can be felt when walking. When pressure is applied to the cork cells, the air in the cavities contracts and unfolds again when the pressure is released.

This elasticity has a positive effect on the spine and joints. While a floor that is too hard puts pressure on our muscles and tendons due to the high vibration energy, a floor that is too soft has a fatiguing effect. EGGER Comfort flooring maintains balance and offers comfort and relief when walking and standing.

In terms of durability, the eco-friendly and UV-protected wear layer of the Comfort Flooring is stain resistant, easy to clean, and guarantees resistance to fading of the decorative image.

With use class 31 or 32, the floor is also suitable for applications beyond the private sphere, for example in therapeutic practices or hotel rooms. Furthermore, the soils are naturally warm. They can be installed on underfloor heating without problems, increasing the positive heat effect.

Floors are easily installed through flexible CLICit! installation system, and thanks to the integrated impact sound insulation made of cork, no additional base mat is required.

Check out the different slat formats –Classic, Large, and Kingsize– and the variety of options achieved by modern digital printing technology.